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June 30th (backpost of information)

I will post about yesterday while waiting for SWF to kick in (had to postpone b/c of a job interview yesterday.. Never done it before, and totally didn't want to be off for it).

Thursday was... idk, not great. It started out well, but by the end of it I was panicking about getting in my 2500 calories... I managed though, but I'm not to happy about it...

Pilates *KICKED* my ass (literally, and inner/outer thighs) today, which was awesome. The best part was when my instructor told me to do something, and I guffawed because I thought there was no way I could... and then I did, 5 times each side!

On my way from the lesson to work I nearly passed out a few times... I'd like to think it was because of the workout because I did eat before and after it... and a fair amount of cals/carbs/protien too so... it shouldn't be food related. Upon reflection I think it was diet-pill/caffeine related though, because my diet pills have a lot of caffeine in them (3 cups of coffee worth per serving, though I only take 2/3s of a serving atm), and I didn't remember to take them today... and when I had some Mate tea, and later on an energy drink, I felt a LOT better.

Now... I'm not concerned about caffeine in and of itself, because in moderation (and 2-3 cups of coffee isn't horrible...) it actually has a lot of health benefits associated with it... BUT, not being able to function without it is a problem... and that probably is food related... bleh. I won't stop though, not until the Master Cleanse Ease-In anyway... cuz I do want to do that 100% correct... and afterward... we'll see. Caffeine addiction >>>>>> being fat any day so... whatever.

Felt pretty good about food today too... it was a highish calorie day... 840, but I was able to finish off all the perishable food from the high-cal week, and it felt good to be simplifying my food and stuff again. Not having all that extra flavoring/sauce for dinner/lunch was a big relief. Also, I'm pretty psyched about this next week because daily plan is to be between 435~500 calories a day. I'm going to try and stay at the 435 mark as many days as possible, but if I get UBER tired I will have another small shake. A big change this time around is to not eat any bran in the morning because I want to see how that changes how I feel through-out the day to again... start preparing for the MC.

What else was good...? Hm, ah. Despite the small loss, I felt as if I looked visibly smaller so I checked my waist and I lost .5 inches this last week.

The problems with today came when I went home from work. I had to stay late because I closed alone, and had to get the store ready for tomorrow... so that cut into exercise time. AND THEN, when i was in my car, and went to look for my little insta-read thingy that gives me an idea of where I'm at for steps/calories burned/etc I couldn't find it... so went back into the store... couldn't find it (though I was rushing b/c I didn't want to run out of time to work out) and then ran back to the car deciding that it MUST be in there... BUT IT ISN'T. And, I know I was wearing it when I went into work but I had to change clothing so.. idk where it is :( Must be somewhere in the backroom/bathroom but... ugh So, I got home with only 40 minutes to spare and no idea how much I needed to do PLUS this is the day I add another interval to my workout...

I decided to waste a few minutes to go upstairs and plug my armband in and see where I was at. 250 calories left (achievable in 30 minutes generally...) 3000 ish steps. So, I got my shows on, ran downstairs and cut out one of the 3mph minutes per interval (so... 4mph > 5 mph > 4 mph > 3 mph) to make sure I got all 7 in... and I did it, but felt like a schmuck the whole time... kept on thinking "this is what I get for thinking I was smaller and being happy... now I can't even be sure if I'll make it on time... stupid stupid..." so... Yeah, that's where the day turned bad emotionally...

I'm very anxious about finding it... and rather pissed that I have to go into my place of employ tomorrow even though i have 4 days off in a row... I was so looking forward to not seeing the place for that long, but I cannot survive without that device for that long....

(I did find it :D more on that in a few minutes).


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