7/13/2011 01:54:00 AM

Changing Gyms... maybe?

Planet Fitness is fine for my needs most of the time, but in a few months I'll be traveling, and cannot deal with the idea of being somewhere without gym access... and there are no PF there. Today Golds Gym was having an open house with reduced registration fee and 2 months free... AND, they have gyms where I am going... BUT, the owner is apparently a major asshole..

This actually bothers me a lot, as many of my friends are gay ;( so... I'm going to contact a local gym and see if they have any short term membership options available to travelers... but if not... I don't really see a way out... /sigh. I'm such a scum bag... my vanity is causing me to consider giving a jackass money... even if it's only for a few months... and that makes me sad, but... like I said, I need to be able to workout to avoid gaining too much during vacation... Ugh... what to do what to do :(

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tobf said...

update... 1 week would cost me between $90~140 to do locally... so freaking expensive D: morals or money... ugh D:

tobf said...

Just canceled it... though I don't think he took my name down so if I don't see any activity on my account by Monday next week I'll go in in person.

I can always run outside, or bring workout videos with me. It may take longer to achieve my daily goals that way, but at least I won't be spending money at an overpriced gym, or at one that is associated with a company that is run by a hateful S.O.B.!

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