7/03/2011 04:20:00 PM



Burned    2779
Taken In    446
Deficit    2333
Exercise    3:19
Steps    23244

I walked 7 miles. I spent 40 minutes on the treadmill to get vigorous exercise in... did pilates video too. Yay.

Today so far:

I've done pilates already. I did 45 minutes on the treadmill already. I'll need to walk more probably because I'm not working or doing anything else today I think... I've been watching tons of supersize vs. superskinny. (LOVE LOVE LOVE the show) and I've been sorting through clothing that is far too large for me to be donated.

Because of how much I did yesterday I rewarded myself with a nice bath + Lush Bath Bomb. I will be dying my hair as well. Fun day...

update: I had to do another 80 minutes on the treadmill to get close to where I thought I'd have to be to burn at least 2500 and I think I may have to do even more :( Ugh... I will check in 30 minutes or so... cuz if I do have to do more it will be <100 which I can do in that time.

Didn't get round to dying my hair. Will go out tomorrow to get some supplies to make it a less messy process. Did sort through and start washing clothing I will NEVER EVER EVER be large enough to need again. NEVER.... I think it will be a relief to throw them in the donation box :D


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