7/24/2011 01:51:00 AM

BOGO - one for now... one for the future

NY&C Is having a bogo 75% sale on jeans atm. I got two pair... one size 8 (current size) one size 4 (goal size atm...)

I generally don't like to buy sizes in advanced like that... it's never been a source of motivation for me. BUT, I've never lost 55 lbs before either.... so fuck it.... it's something to strive for. Something to hang up on my door and every day look at and say... "I will be there, it doesn't matter what it takes."

I'm not sure if size 4 will be enough.... but it can be enough for now. Being on the verge of XS/S vs L/XL will be a huge accomplishment... and even though the mirror shows a fat person to me still, and probably will even 2 sizes from now... Stats like that don't lie, and hopefully it can help me feel like I've actually done something.

I felt pretty shit today. Couldn't jog... but I walked enough to get my steps and calories in, so I'm not disappointed. I figure it's a good example of how I should handle working out during the master cleanse anyway... which starts Friday (Ease In...)



ettie said...

I hope it helps you feel proud of your self. You should be proud of yourself- you're inspiration for me :)
Good luck with the master cleanse- Im hoping ill be strong enough to start it next monday!!! Cant wait to hear how you go.

Dandelion Clock said...

Hai :) Sorry you're not feeling so great. But you WILL get into those jeans! :D Just don't do what I did - I bought this lovely blouse and started squeezing into it when I wasn't quite small enough yet, and now it has a little rip along one of the seams :( That does NOT help you feel like you're achieving things, lol.

Obese to size eight. Wow. You really are achieving bucketloads, well done you! xxx

tobf said...

you do realize I'm talking about US size 8 right? It isn't *that* much of an achievement. 4 will be... I can't wait, but I won't be trying them on until I'm in the 130s I think... and even then, it will depend on my measurements :3

Anonymous said...

Yayyy I have my UK8's hung up too :D ...sooo far to go though. Still, you can always have goals, right? Looking forward to your email. Love Dee xx

Dandelion Clock said...

Yeah I know you meant US 8. So that's UK 12 right? Which is, you know, kind of average. So from obese to average = good work in my book! x

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