7/02/2011 10:56:00 AM

First SW Flush and Yesterday....

I'm a bit nervous. I hate going to the bathroom... and that's probably all I'll be doing during the next hour or so. As I've mentioned before, I'm planning on doing a Master Cleanse in a month, which involves the infamous SWF. I did not want my first experience with it to be day one of the cleanse... so here I am, doing it as part of my protien fast. Exciting. I'll be taking pro-biotics today to help my intestines out, and will do so of course again once I start eating solids (the 8th) Pre-flush weigh in today was 162.2... enough about that for now though, (I will write more on it once it's done)... let's talk about yesterday =]

(sip) so... I had a job interview yesterday. I think it went well, but I won't know for 2-3 weeks because the positions I am interviewing for (multiple, yes) are either not approved of yet for this location, or will be opening in the near future. (one cup down - salty but not unpleasant) After the interview I stopped by where I worked because despite going back in to find my little display for the body media fit the night before, I hadn't found it. AND, i knew it had to be in there. It was (thank god).

I ran a bunch of errands in the afternoon, walked a LOT, yesterday I took 15,596 steps when all was said and done! (2 cups down... starting to taste saltier =[ ) Later in the evening I went shopping with my sister, which was interesting.... see, she doesn't really care about her appearance so whenever she needs new clothing she needs help... anyway, her pants size is a size 6... but her upper body is a M (same as me..., though her measurements are probably smaller) BUT, she looks way fatter up top.... I guess it's cuz of how we carry our weight differently. Cuz like... my waist/hips/everything is bigger, but way flatter than hers. so maybe it's our frames too? idk... all I know is I had two thoughts in my head...

1. She's a 6! but she's that thick?! How could I have ever thought a small would be small enough.
2. It won't be long before I'm thinner (looking at least) than she is...

This is kinda a big deal because until recently she was always underweight, it was just how her metabolism worked. Doctors actually told us to get her sugary cereals when she was younger in hopes of helping her put on weight. (3 cups down... spilled a little cuz I tried drinking it directly instead of with a straw. Stomach feels kinda funny, but not as if I am going to vomit) Anyway... I've NEVER been smaller than her. Everything about me is larger, my frame, height, etc... so it will be interesting. She won't care, because that just isn't how she is, but I will, and that makes me idk... excited i guess? It's certainly motivating.

Came home... ran for 40 minutes to get my vigerous activity in. Didn't have to drink a 5th Whey shake, so stats were....
Cal in = 435
Cal out = 2584
Deficit: 2149
Not bad at all.  (done... flips onto right side and starts waiting). And here I am, down 2.2 lbs from Thursday, probably largely do to the small intake and it being nearly 100% protien. Most of it is probably water... after such a high carb week for me I'm sure I actually had some glycogen stored up for once, but I don't care. By the end of the week, it will mostly be fat :D

My plan for today is to clear out as much of my old fat life as I can... or at least get the process started. Kinda mirroring the SWF I guess... time to get the crap/clutter out of my living space. I will sort through my clothing and wash/donate anything that is too large for me. I will also be getting rid of some stuff my ex (of a very long time) left behind when he moved out. 
 Will update about the flush once the process is done (hopefully within 2 hrs?) Drinking it down wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be... and the rest is pretty automatic, right? so... it'll just be more about timing and reaction I guess... I used an extra 1/2 tsp just to be sure it would go through me rather than be absorbed.


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