7/28/2011 01:19:00 AM

Lead up to Master Cleanse (Ease in Plans... and jitters)

So... Friday is it! Friday I start my ease in, and a 16 (potentially 20) day journey to... idk... different eating I guess? I'm not sure how I feel about it... I hate hate hate the idea of laxing every day... but I'll do it. I am scared that so many carbs will cause a gain (a big one...) but I'm going to try it. This is my biggest fear... the inspiration to try this is that girl who went from 30% to 12% BF in 40 days... but she probably ate like a normal person before the cleanse... you know, grains and stuff?

I don't. My body is generally in a constant state of mild ketosis... and well, the loss slow down is probably b/c my body is used to what I've been doing, so on that front I think this cleanse will be great... b/c it will really change up what's going into my system, but on the other hand... sugars.... so much sugar... but... well, I'm going to do it at least 10 days baring a huge gain (like 4 lbs?) after the first 5 days... (omg if I gain that much idk what I'll do).

Anyway... here is my plan. It is 66% following the rules... maybe more. The only place I am failing is that i don't have the money for a juicer, so day 2 will be maybe a 50% compliance.

Day 1:
800-1000 calories of veg/fruits. Not sure exactly of how much of what I'll have but I'm thinking something along the lines of...

exact numbers will be unknown until I actually buy stuff (tomorrow morning). I am going to try and get as much of this pre-cut/washed etc as I can... so like, party platters and all. Less work = better

Day 2:

I don't have a juicer, or the money for one. SOOO I'll be drinking 3-4 bottles of Naked 100% Juice Smoothies diluted with water. I know that it isn't fresh, and therefore isn't as good, but it's liquid... and plant based, so it's gotta be *alright* evne if it isn't idea.

Day 3: 2 liters of fresh squeezed OJ. Not sure how many oranges that will take :(

All of these should be <1200.... most are < 1000

Another thing with MC... not sure what to do for exercise or how much of a calore deficit I should allow... perhaps play it by ear? hmmm....


Y.C. Phantomhive87 said...

Good luck on MC hon! Love you and be safe ok?

Katy Love said...

Yeah I don't have a juicer either and the way I read it, ALL the juice is supposed to be fresh, ESPECIALLY the lemon juice in the actual mixture. Unfortunately I'm going to have to do store-bought lemon juice :/

Sounds like a good plan though!! I'm not sure how often I'll be able to get on the FB page but good luck, we'll have to keep each other updated! <3

tobf said...

Yeah honey. Why do you have to do store-bought though? Squeezing lemons is easy.

How is your first day going btw? we can do updates on the boards too =] would probably be easier than here lol.

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