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Moving forward

I've had a few health issues that make me think I NEED to slow down if I'm going to keep the promise I made to myself (not to do anything I KNEW was hurting me BADLY... not to cross the line TOO much)... I'll write more about those later.... Anyway, here is my plan for trying to get to a more normal place with food... 

Pre-September Push

Stick at 550-600 calories a Day for the rest of this month.
Use Energy drinks to help get calorie burn goal up at work so I don't have to do quite as much at home since I've been struggling with it. (until Monday)
Do ECA Stack for 10 days until Sept. 1st, I will go back to the energy drinks then to keep myself from totally crashing, and then ween myself off of them too, where I can use them SOMETIMES, but not everday.

Goal: <135 by Sept 1st weigh in - achievable but challenging

September - Wind Down

It kills me... b/c if all goes right over the next 12 days I'll be SO SO Close and have 21 days to lose 9-10 lbs... but I need to start getting ready to eat more... to lose more slowly :( So... New goal for 21st is to be <130 for sure, and god willing I'll still get 125 but I'm not going to push for it... unless like... I'm 127 on the weigh in before the 21st b/c then well... 2lbs in 4 days is hard but achievable. Anyway...

Week 1 - Jump up to 1050 calories a day with 2 free meals b/c it's my birthday week. I will still try to keep the day's total reasonable by skipping snacks on them, which will give me 300 calories to use at dinner.

Meal plan: +500! (1050)
+ 100c Almonds
+ 100c Pumpkin Seeds
+ 50c LF Cheese
+ 150c in fruit
+ 100c in Quinoa

Nuts and part of the fruit will be mid-morning and afternoon snacks.
Quinoa will be added to lunch
LF Cheese to breakfast.

I will eat this way every day for this week and evaluate my results... which will determine my plan for future weeks... but here is the rough outline.

Week 2: +150 (1200)
+60c in Almonds
+54c in Egg Yolk (-4 from egg white to balance)
+40c in Pumpkin Seeds
(EEP! Lots of fat D:)

*Depending on Loss from week 1, I may have 1 day of pure protien ~500c

Week 3: +150 (1350)
+100c Quinoa
+50c Hummus or Tomato Sauce OR some other flavoring for either lunch or dinner

*Depending on Loss from previous week, I may have 1 day of pure protien ~500c

Week 4: +150 (1500) IF I lost 1.5 on week 3 and am under 125.... Else, stay with week 3's plan.
+50c in LF cheese (either part of a snack or lunch or dinner)
+50c in Tomato Sauce or some other flavoring for either lunch or dinner
+50c from... idk... haven't decided! Maybe more veg? Part of snack or something...

*Depending on Loss from previous week, I may have 1 day of pure protien ~500c

Week 5: (+150 if still losing and under 125) 1650
+110 from protien shake
+40 from bringing up other things so they can be more 'normal' serving sizes (ie, 1 oz of almonds = 163 calories, but I need it to be under 160 until this week so... I'll be doing 27g instead of 28g... same thing with Quinoa/pumpkin seeds etc)

Week 6: 1800 (+150 if still losing and under 125) 1800
idk yet... will figure it around week 4 when I see how I'm doing emotionally weight wise...


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