8/09/2011 10:50:00 AM

Day 8 - have verbally committed to someone else to stop at day 10

Well, someone asked me what day I was at and I felt that they might have been keeping track so I didn't lie, which would have been my only way to really continue it longer... so 10 days it will be. I'm ok with it for a few reasons...

The first is 10 days alone is challenging, and I've done it 95% right (not SWF/Lax every day b/c honestly... the lemonade acts like a lax for me now... I generally have to go 45-60 min after drinking it unless I haven't laxed for 3 days... and I can't make myself do something that will make it impossible for water to enter my system for DAYS on end, so I've been sort of every other daying it recently).

Also, the weightloss rate isn't any higher than it was on my protien based diet, which was absolutely better for my muscle mass and stuff. The only thing this is better for is my bone mass probably... but even that is likely to be suffering b/c there is so little calcium involved (vit D is easy to get as I walk outside a lot).

My tongue coating, one of the signs of detoxing, is far less thick and less yellow than it was during the first half, so I think my body has successfully detoxed a lot if that is truly an indication of detoxing. Basically... at this point it would be just a way to continue losing weight, and as said above, I already have a different way which is equally if not more successful than this for me.

It will make my Thursday weigh in line up perfectly with the last day of the Lemonade portion of the MC, which makes me OCD happy.

If I decide to do this again in a year or two I may go longer, because hey... why not? But if I do do that, I want it to be when I'm not focusing as much on losing so I can spend more time listening to my body and less time worrying about minimum calorie burn because I know I've pushed myself to exercise on occasions I probably shouldn't have if I really wanted to do the MC for the 'proper' reasons.

Oh, also... added an extra teaspoon of salt to SWF yesterday (so 1 tbsp total) and it kicked in a bit earlier, but still took hours to completely finish... I'm not sure if this is b/c of the effect the lax seems to be having on me though, which makes any liquid I drink in large quantity act almost like a SWF.... which is another reason I think it's time to end this. If I do this again in the future I will probably use a much milder tea than what I have been. It's all about finding the right combo for your body I suppose.

Today I will start making my ease out plan. Tentatively it will be something like this....

Thursday: Orange Juice  - up to 800c
Friday: Juice (bottled unfortunately. No juicer. But 100% natural and/or organic [some Naked brand, some Organic]) up to 700c
Saturday: Vegetable Soups with maybe an apple, orange (if any left from juicing) or pear at breakfast - up to 700c
Sunday: Raw fruit/veg + seeds/nuts for protien/fiber/EFA - up to 700c
Monday: Raw fruit/veg + seeds/nuts for protien/fiber/EFA - up to 700c
Tuesday: Raw Fruit/Veg + egg whites for protien - up to 600c
Wednesday: Cooked Veg + normal breakfast (egg whites, kale/collards, oat bran) - up to 600c
Thursday:  Normal diet (Fish/Chicken + cooked or raw veg for dinner/lunch, breakfast above) - up to 600c

I know this probably sounds really lame considering I've just done a cleanse to get rid of chemicals and stuff, but if I'm honest it was mostly about losing weight and changing things up so my body doesn't slow down on my normal routine... but anyway... I'll probably start an ECA stack on the Friday following the last day I listed there (want to make sure I'm not adding something to my first day of 100% normalcy b/c the chicken might bother my stomach).

If possible, I'd really like to be 135 by the end of this month... it would put me within reach of GW6 by Sept 21st, which will mark 6 months of restriction... and how awesome would that be? to have achieved all the goals I set out on the first day of spring in half a year... just the thought gives me shivers!


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