8/04/2011 02:32:00 PM

Day 3 - Verdict.... SWF >>>>>>>>>> Senna tea in the morning

Well, this should conclude the bathroom bit of this part of my journey or at least the journal entries about it... back to back too! good lord.... how I hate poo :(

In light of what happened on Day 2 coupled with the fact that I wanted to sleep more than 5 hrs... I decided to have senna tea in the morning rather than SWF. This was a mistake I think, in hindsight... at least with SWF the time taken up with the restroom is compacted into one relatively predictable period... with Senna, and I would imagine normal laxatives as well, it is spread out over hours and there is little warning... There was a good 4-5 hr period from early afternoon on where I'd need to go to the bathroom once an hour...

Now... as I said above, I don't generally use anything to help with this sort of thing, so idk... maybe it's different when you are full of food but when you are virtually empty I can see a number of benefits the SWF gives which makes it make a lot more sense as to why it is part of the MC.

1. It adds volume.... MC is all about getting toxins out, and whether it does or not... idk, but the fact is our body does use the bowels to dispose of all sorts of waste. Usually fiber/food picks up these other sources of waste along the way down and out.... but if you aren't taking in any bulk, it makes expelling that waste a lot harder... unless you use water, which can only be done at the right salinity.

2. cuts down the cayenne... This may sound funny... I mean, here I am doing a MC but I'm about to criticize people who try and educate others about it... one of the things they warn about is uncomfortably warm movements... and that it has to do with the detox. B.S. The reason for the "warmth" is the cayenne... the oil from hot peppers is actually able to BURN skin, so is it any wonder there is some heat involved? no.... SWF helps mitigate that a little bit, b/c again... it's adding volume/diluting the pepper so to speak...

3. Makes things more predictable. (as much as it can be anyway). It speeds the whole Senna process along... you might be occupied for 2-3 hrs after drinking the water, but that's it... no surprises after. 

Anyway, everybody's body is different... there is no way to know what would work best for a specific individual before they try it, but I can say this... SWF works better for me.


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