8/05/2011 11:14:00 AM

Size 4

This is actually where I think I want to be... well, if I can look like them anyway! they are all outfits I could see myself wanting for fall this year :3 or at least parts of them.

love this skirt!

I think this is my favorite of all


Dandelion Clock said...

My favourite is the one with the black pantyhose under the blue denim shorts :) What were the comments you got, the ones that made you worried about being discovered? x

tobf said...

My physical therapist asked if I had lost "more" weight (never talked about it before), seemed alarmed when I said I wanted to lose 25 lbs more and suggested I meet with a nutritionist. My mom said that I've basically lost my boobs (true), will lose my period next... and basically said that it seems like I'm headed towards being anorexic small.

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