8/02/2011 08:46:00 AM

not all hot peppers are created equal

Yesterday was the first real day of MC. It was going really well until I thought "you know, these drinks taste really smokey" and realized I had gotten Chipolte pepper instead of cayenne lol... 4 glasses of fake MC lemonade, only one real. I didn't have all 6 (min) your supposed to because I figured there was no point in having another one that wasn't even real. In my defense... spices are listed alphabetically, so I probably found the cayenne and then picked up the chipolte by accident b/c they were in close proximity to each other. Still... it's mortifying D:

The sad thing... The chipolte lemonade tasted better b/c the smoke sort of combated some of the sweetness. Oh well. The cayenne pepper I got is "all natural" but not organic :( still, it was 4.50 US so I'm struggling with deciding whether I should go get organic stuff and throw the rest of this bottle out or not... ugh. Throwing out extra food is one thing, but tossing 4.48 worth of pepper (I barely used any since it's so little per drink :p) is kinda painful... especially when I've already spent so much on this cleanse, and will spend more....

A number of the girls doing this with me posted pictures on FB and they all look so fabulous! I'm the biggest one of the bunch :( I posted some too, but it makes me ill to see myself compared to them. Ah well, all the more motivation to keep up with this and the rest of my weight-loss efforts.

SWF took longer yesterday than I expected. About 2 hrs before I could really be safe to go out and about. Got to bed really late too b/c had to stay late at work and shop for more water/the right pepper on the way home. My plan on paper looks so nice (getting up at 6 am) but it's much harder to actually do :( I'll need to tomorrow and Thursday though. I have early appointments both days and cannot be under the influence of the SWF for them. Thursday should be easier than tomorrow as I will be getting home early so going to bed early will be possible. Ah well, we'll see how today goes.


Y.C. Phantomhive87 said...

Heh! Silly! Ah well at least you've corrected the mistake lol! Good job though! Keep it up! Love you! Be safe!

ettie said...

hey youve come so far! so dont worry that youre bigger than us- I have a small bone structure so sorta had a helping hand. (means i have to work harder.)

hope you got an early night

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