8/04/2011 02:41:00 PM

week 19 Weigh in and Summary

Disappointing... it's the only word I can use to describe this week. or well, the last three days anyway. Monday I was 150.0 today I am 150.8... BUT, the gain is from water (shows up in muscle mass gain, but it will be b/c of glycogen so I'm sure I'll lose that as soon as I go back to low-carbing it). All I can say is thank goodness for my BIA scales... I'd be freaking now if not for them.

Weight: 150.8 (+.2)
BF%:    22% (-1.4%, -2.0644 lbs fat)
Muscle: 54 lbs (+2.7)

So... if it weren't for the muscle gain, I'd actually be at -5 or so... This muscle gain cannot be real... so like I said before, I'm sure it will come off when this is over. Hopefully now that I'm all hydrated the scale will actually start going down too. Hmmm...

Notes: on MC I am focusing on deficit rather than calories burned total per day... as long as it's 1500 I'm ok with it. Also, while wanting to keep my step count up I am not going to force it. Same with exercise. If I get 2100 calories burned and don't have time to do more I'm making myself be ok with it as I am spending so much time unable to exercise due to the flushing each day...


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