8/06/2011 07:38:00 AM

Day 5 - Health Crisis 1 or severe electrolyte deficiency...?

At the end of Day 4, when I drank my last two glasses of lemonade I felt kinda sick after each one 1 hr later and had to use the restroom... So, when I woke up in the morning and felt tired/cranky/unwell, I really just couldn't get myself out of bed to make a new batch of lemonade... I didn't have to do the SWF, things just moved naturally. And basically, for 5 hrs from waking up, I didn't move/get out of bed until I had a splitting headache. Finally, around noon, I forced myself up and had my first glass of lemonade, which made me feel worlds better. I decided to go out to the beach, hadn't been in years, and walk around some to burn calories b/c I felt that if I stayed home all I would do is lay in bed.

I made lemonade concentrate, which isn't as good as fresh lemonade but the only 'acceptable' way to travel with the stuff pre-made, and went to the beach town. Upon arrival it was time for another glass, but this time within about 45min-1hr I suddenly had to go AGAIN... this happened basically after the next 2 glasses of lemonade too... Anyway, I sunbathed for 20 minutes and walked around for about 2.5 hrs and then decided it was time to go home. On the way back when I got gas I started to feel kinda ill again, and the headache I'd had all day got a bit worse again (like it was in the morning).

By the time I got home I felt really ill, and like... had to blow my nose and stuff... idk, it was like having the flu. My ear pressure was all off etc. The last two glasses caused me to gag while drinking... but everything *inside* seemed to be working right again, at least that was good. Anyway, yesterday had me thinking I might have to abandon the MC early, because what I was experiencing isn't something I've read about before. This morning I feel much better though. Still have yet to have my first glass, but will shortly. If the rest of the day goes well I'll not end early.

I'm considering taking a vitamin/some potassium supplements because while cleansers say it is normal to experience a health crisis like this... it could also be due to a severe electrolyte imbalance, which wouldn't be surprising because while many of the vital nutrients ARE present in the lemonade, they aren't present in adequate amounts... taking supplements is forbidden on the cleanse, but frankly... if it allows me to continue, that is surely better than quitting early?

It also could have been sun/heat stroke. I don't generally spend that much time outside. Anyway... we'll see. One day at a time I guess :3 


Dandelion Clock said...

Aw that sounds awful :( Don't I remember you saying on FB tho, that it's normal to get flu symptoms around this point? That's probably what it is. I don't suppose there's any way to check if it could be an electrolye imabalance? Feel better soon girl xxx

tobf said...

no way that I know of... but I feel a lot better today, so I'm not worried so much anymore... didn't end up taking vitamins, but I will if it happens again tomorrow or Monday. The last day is Wednesday so I figure if I'm sick Tuesday or Wednesday I can just suck it up lol.

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