8/23/2011 09:44:00 PM

E is for Ephedrine... C is for Caffiene... A is for Aspirin

In a final push to get within 10 lbs of my (current) ugw before I start trying to well... idk...? come out of the restriction I've been in for the last few months, I've started doing the ECA stack using an OTC decongestant as my Ephedrine (Sulfate unfortunately... no HCL available in the US :( ) source. Yesterday I did 48mg ephedrine and 400 mg caffiene in 3 doses where I took 1/2 of each pill in the morning and afternoon, and then a whole one at night.

Today I tried full dose both times, but still was only at 48/400 b/c I was kinda jittery in a bad way during the afternoon and didn't want to be unable to sleep tonight. No bad side effects yet... i don't think. idk...one of my knees kinda collapsed a few times but I don't think that has to do with the stack. We'll see how I feel tomorrow... I'm just going to take the dosing one day at a time. Thinking I might do full dose morning (6am), half dose afternoon (11:30-12pm), full dose early evening (4pm). We'll see... I hope it helps! It's only 5 lbs I want to lose in the next 8 days... probably less than that actually. I weighed in yesterday at the same I did on Thursday but it's been DAYS since I've had a movement.... Fucking poop. I'll lax tomorrow evening if I don't have a movement before then. I will NOT weigh in full two times in a row.

Anyway, back to ECA... The biggest thing I've noticed, other than the energy which I'm loving, is that I'm THIRSTY ALL THE TIME... and I pee a lot. it must be the diuretic effect of the caffeine. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Also, I've only been taking the aspirin in the morning. idk if that's how you're supposed to do it... but most of the literature I've read says it plays a pretty minimal role anyway. Time to go burn some calories and do some pilates!


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