3/30/2011 01:03:00 AM

Watching TV while lying down = Sleep?!

Ok, I guess this shouldn't come as such a shock but, last night before actually trying to go to sleep I decided to watch an episode of The Biggest Loser because while I had of course heard of the show, I had never seen it and as mentioned in the last "thoughts" post, I recently purchased a BodyMedia Fit which I have been told is used by the participants in the show. I was laying down while watching it, which is something I often did (thought probably won't anymore...) and my Fit thought that I was asleep!

Dark gray = sleep
Light gray = lying down but not asleep
Red Circle = time spent watching the Biggest Loser
So, moral of the story... if you are going to watch TV, at least do it sitting up otherwise your metabolism slows down SO much you might as well be sleeping. Better yet, don't watch at all or do so while on a treadmill or something.


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