3/26/2011 10:50:00 PM

New Toy

I work at a retailer that sells lots of gadgets... and decided to get one of them yesterday to help out on this quest. It is the bodymedia fit, which apparently is most well known from the Biggest Loser (never seen it).  Anyway, I'm excited about it. I've been religiously logging and planning meals for nearly a week now (not that long) without one slip up, but with a lot of questions over whether I'm going overboard/doing it right/etc. I think this thing will clear it up a lot for me.

The only thing that I am not looking forward to is logging foods in two places :( I've been using fitday.com up until now, and feel I should continue... because it tracks micro nutrients more precisely, and makes the little graphs I like so much that show not only how much zinc I've gotten, but also what % of the RDV it is. The online tracker, which is an integral part of the fit, is a lot more intuitive, and is way easier to enter in meals (it can duplicate them!), but lacks that one feature which is quite helpful I think... Well, we'll see. First things first is to let it track my sleep. Which is kind of exciting. Will post more on it after a day or two's worth of results :D


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