3/22/2011 01:05:00 AM

Tip #1

I should probably make a page dedicated to this... but for now, posts will do.

Today I only ate 1018 calories, which is probably half what I had been eating in the recent past. I wasn't really keeping track. Yet I haven't felt hungry at all or deprived, which is pretty amazing because usually the first day (well, really first 3 but still) is the worst. I think the difference in my response to food comes from the following tip, which is common sense... but many of us in the States forget to do it...

Take small bites, and take time to chew. 

I made sure that each bite was small, and that I chewed it for at least 15 counts more than I would have normally. I also put my fork down in between each bite... Not only is it healthier to chew food properly, but it slows down your eating.

FACT: It takes time for your brain to register that you have eaten.*

So, aside from helping your digestion, taking time to chew gives your body a chance to figure out you've eatten, and to stop making you think you need to eat more. 

*This was the first source I could find, but I've actually read the study this article is referring to, and others. If anyone actually starts following this blog, and wants the study, I'll try to find it.


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