3/26/2011 07:30:00 AM

Tip #4


It isn't enough just to keep a food log, you need to plan out your day to insure that you will not significantly (at all?) go over your goal intake while still being satiated.

Planning well doesn't just mean figuring out what you are going to eat either, it includes figuring out WHEN you are going to eat it too. You need to space it out because while you should be able to tolerate getting hungry, if you can keep yourself from feeling that way, it will help significantly reduce binging.

This principle is especially important for when you are eating out. Most chain restaurants have nutrition information available on their website, and looking at it in advance will save you upward 500 calories simply because of portion sizes. For example, looking at a certain restaurant's grilled chicken, which is advertised as being a healthy option and, only taking veggie sides (steamed medley and broccoli) you would think it wouldn't be much more than what I've been eating every day (steamed veggies and chicken). BUT, the plate comes with 2 servings of chicken and the steamed medley is 200 calories because of whatever they use to flavor it! The total meal is only 560ish calories, which is reasonable compared to a lot of other restraunt meals, but by looking into it in advanced, you can choose to get the roasted veggie option, which is JUST veggies, and eat only half of the chicken, and save yourself ~200 calories.


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