7/22/2012 08:22:00 AM

Social Media Management...?

Someone who has been referred to this site by the social media job website cul____ dot com... (not going to write even the whole website name out of fear it would bring more traffic from it...)would you please leave a comment and tell me why you are being sent here? It's creeping me out to see so many page hits from a site that I don't know anything about...

I don't want to take this blog down... but I know that there are companies out there that like do PI work to figure out who is blogging what, or investigate people's FB pages and stuff... and I *really* don't want to risk having that happen to me. So, someone please tell me why in the world is a 'social media management job' site sending you my way?


Patti said...

whoa...that's kind of creepy. I wish companies would mind their own effing business. If someone is doing their job well, not stealing or using company resources and time for dodgy stuff, what an employee does on his/her own time is private. I'll let a company snoop on me 24/7 if they PAY me wages 24/7! Top wages.

tobf said...

@Patti - I know right? I don't think this website is that sort... probably the traffic came b/c I mentioned one of their partner's products (like the armband I use or the scale or something...) But still, it creeps me out ;(

Today I had a number of visits from the french version of the site... ugh.

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