7/17/2012 11:29:00 PM

Monday Weigh in

From Saturday 7th to Monday 16th (8 days of loss) I lose 2.8 lbs, 2.6 from fat. This is 1 lb less than the math would predict, as my net was AVG Net: -1942. It also is results without a BM... so who knows, maybe the next weigh in will be stellar. 

The happy news is it means I am <22 BMI and down another % point in BF. only 15 lbs left before I am at the maximum body fat I ever want to have.... EVER AGAIN. 

Plan for this week: 

Monday: 600c, Run 8 intervals, 30min pilates
Tuesday: Fast, Walk at least 3 miles, weights (1 handed = 2 lbs two handed = 4 lbs)
Wednesday: 500c, Run 10 intervals (for fitocracy achievement and b/c it's off day), Pilates
Thursday: 300c walk at least 3 miles, weights. 
Friday: 400c  Run 8 intervals, Pilates
Saturday: Up to 1200c, walk 3-4 hrs BEFORE the party... Weights Before or after party. NO CARBS
Sunday: Fast, Yoga (new "off day" activity), burn at least 2000c

New Rule: For ever stick of gum/diet soda/pickle/<10c item you randomly allow yourself to have, you must do 10 jumping jacks before bed.... 

speaking of which, time to do 50!


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