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As Promised... responses to most recent comments (which go back to March this year...)

"I'm too big :/ 68kg for 1m69 :/" on "size 0" 

You're in the healthy range at least my dear. But I totally get being uncomfortable in your own skin even when that is the case. I hope you can find a weight/size you are happy with <3 Much love and wishing you the best of luck in finding that. 

"beyonce has great larger legs" it is sad that we're so brainwashed we think beyonce's legs are large. on Legs... 

Brainwashed? Honestly, I didn't even know b/c I don't pay attention to celebrities much... so I just looked it up. On ever pic I saw, she had quite full thighs. Not overweight of course, but they certainly aren't representative of what most women her size look like. 

I do not think any of those girls look too thin. People these days seem to have a warped view of how overweight is 'healthy'. They're all gorgeous legs. on Legs... 

Yep... though that's to be expected in a country where 61% of the population is overweight. Sad isn't it :( 

I just read through all the archives and found a whole bunch of good ideas. I hope you are ok. {patti} on Ugh...

Glad you've found some inspiration here. I hope you try to be as kind to your body as you can be though. Just wanted to let you know, it's your comment that made me decide to start up again =] Thank you!

WELCOME BACK TOBF!!!! :) I know you said you didnt think people where reading this! well i have had your blog saved in my bookmark page since about april last year :P! So..it is read! :) xXx on I'm back, for real this time.

No shit, really? That's so close to when I started. *blush blush* I've started following your blog btw, but anon. You come off as being quite healthy in your weightloss journey, I don't want people to be concerned about you if they happen to find my blog attached to yours ._.


Patti said...

YAY! Good to see you back! I'm so happy my comment helped. You've helped me a lot already. I learned about the Bodymedia FIT from your posts which showed me I was not burning anywhere near as many calories as I thought [and explained why I wasn't losing any weight]. Now I've lost 68 pounds, my heart rate has dropped from a scary 110 bpm to a healthy 72 bpm, my blood pressure is normal for the first time in years and my doctor is doing cartwheels.
As for backsliding -- remember, it's not how many times you fall down but how many times you get up again that determines success {patti}

tobf said...

Damn girl, 68 lbs? That's awesome. When did you start? Glad to hear you've found ways to use my blog to make your life healthier. Please keep it that way xo.

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