7/19/2012 12:14:00 AM

Mixed Bag

I only burned 2218 calories today... and, although I stayed under my goal intake (500), I switched up what I ate and feel guilty about that too... It was a package of Kay's Natural's protein puffs... something that is on the "pseudo safe" list... and I had them in front of my housemates in order to appear as if I was snacking... all to keep up appearances... it has lots of fibre and protein in it too, so all things considered, I should be ok with it... but idk, it's been bothering me all day.

The burn... it should be sufficient to be pleased. My minimum goal per day is 2000, and today was an off day... and I spent a lot of time studying (I have summer courses I have to do for my graduate school)... which means lots of time sitting/laying down (since I don't like desks much...) So really, 2200 is good, but it doesn't feel good :(

So... here I am, feeling glutinous and lazy... but also a bit happy, because it means I'm getting deeper into restriction and exercise... and that means I will be thin again. So... boo/yay?

Currently re-watching the anorexic bits of Super Size v Super Skinny Season 3. <3 Fiona... and Ashley too. really all of them. it's without a doubt my favorite season.


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