8/08/2012 11:04:00 AM

Weekly Weigh In

SW: 138.8
EW: 137.1
EBF%: 19.54%
BF lost: -5.3 (IMPOSSIBLE)
BMI: 20.8

Ok so... Reaction - not freaking possible. On Saturday I weighed in at 137.5 with BF of 30.9. Today BF read 26.8 There is no way my body lost 4.1lbs of fat in 4 days. It is simply impossible. So... I'm annoyed. Fact is, I've probably lost more overall weight this week, which will become apparent next mid-week weigh in (Sat or Sun depending on BM...) because a body simply cannot lose 4 lbs of fat, and gain 3.6 lbs of muscle, in 4 days.

I'm guessing I've retained water somewhere. TOTM would be about now if I still had it, so maybe that's what it's from? This is only my 2nd month without so... yeah, guessing that's it.

What else... roommate came up to me while I was running today and said

"So, a friend of mine thought you should go to a homeopathic dr. for your eating issues."
"Eating issues?"
"Yeah your eating disorder?"
"I don't have an eating disorder..."
"Whatever, your gluten intolerance. Whatever you want to call it."
(in my head) FUUUUUUUUUCK

If I didn't have an ED, wouldn't my head have just made the jump to the GI issues? I'm such a moron :(

Refeeding solids starts today. 300~350ish c in protein, 150~160 in veg (veggie bag will be 150, gonna allow a pickle or two as well).


Ava said...

Why a homeopathic doctor? I know they can be good for food intolerance guidance but as far as true eating disorders.... Great job on your fast by the way, totally jealous. I meant to weight today but I havent gone to the bathroom yet so.... yeah.

Flawed Design said...

I'm sure you friend didn't even notice. She is the one who said 'eating disorder' first after all :P! ...Eating disorder can mean alot of things like digestion problems ect ect!

Im sure didn't even pick up on it <3
...though it would have put me on edge also! even mentioning eating disorders makes me shrink back into a corner!

tobf said...

To both:

I think it was one of two things that made her say that... or maybe a combination of the two.

1. she had a slip and said eating disorder when she meant to say GI because she thinks I have an ED as well (she has made comments which suggest this... like once I told her I made myself vomit before work b/c I had eaten a gluten containing cookie by mistake (thought it was GF) - she said "Just please don't become one of those anorexics who has to through up everything they eat...")
2. She couldn't think of the word, and eating issues/eating disorder were the closest terms she could come up with while forgetting the correct term.

idk... so so on edge about this ;(

Ava- thanks. I'm so jealous of you though... Your loss rate may be slower than mine, but your system is sustainable... you don't generally regain. I really hope I can learn to lose like you once I get down a bit lower...

Tatyana said...

Anyone would be on edge. I back in the corner too when someone mentions the word... or well, if they just mention it then I smile wicked and play along but if it comes out of the bushes I'll most likely admit everything.

But be careful, your roomie doesn't seem to be stupid and she has her eyes open. <3

tobf said...

I think if certain people asked directly I'd admit it to them... others not. My roommate is one of the NOT people. It would hurt her too much. Thanks for the comments Tatyana. <3ing it.

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