8/10/2012 12:44:00 AM

Rewards Schedule and Calorie increase plan (tentative)

Once I get to my short-term goal for fall I feel I ought to slow things down... I will continue to lose, but not at such a frantic pace. So... while this is similar to this time last year when I was planning the same thing and hoping to just find a balancing point where I could maintain, I am not looking for that anymore. I just think I should be ok with losing at a more sustainable rate. A rate which I can keep up over time. The idea of allowing the number of calories I'm thinking (eventually) is scary as hell, but because each increase will only come with certain achievements, I won't go from losing to gaining significantly... the math at least says it would be impossible.


The Key Weights (Significant mile markers in my head) Are all UNDER

132 -20    (I want to be here by September)
125 - 19
121 18.5  (I want to be here by January)
118 - 18
115 - 17.5
110 - ugw

Until 132, I want to continue having a deficit of 1500 or greater. So, 500-600c per day.
After that, a rate of 1.5-2lbs down per week (vs 3 or so...) seems ok. So, I'll jump up to 800c.
The next jump would be at 125, to 1200, and then at 121 to 1600 (Probably not going to happen. That is too much but maybe even if I can manage that once a week it would be good...)

Here's the reasoning:

I require myself to burn at least 2000c a day. Usually I am closer to 2200-2500. But, usually isn't good enough, we will base it off of requirements... Anyway, I figure, once I am at 18.5 BMI, losing quite slowly (.5 or less per week) should be my goal. I don't want to land myself in hospital, though I also don't want to gain... and I do want to be underweight enough (eventually anorexic enough) that glass of water won't be enough to tank... that I'd need at least a liter or two to hide it on the scale.

Anyway... I figure, so long as I eat at least 20% LESS than I burn, I should still lose... even if it's super slow. So that is where the 1600 cap comes from... Then, I figure from 132... I can do 50% of that cap, and from 125 I can be at 75% of that cap... which, again, is where those numbers come from.

Actual plan, because while jumping from 600 to 800 won't be too hard, 800 to 1200... and anything over 1200 seems impossible so... Here's a more detailed breakdown...

<132 - 800 (New Absolute Minimum...)
<130 - 900
<128 - 1000
<126 - 1100
<125 - 1200 (New Absolute Minimum...)
<123 - 1300
<122 - 1400
<121 - 1500~1600

After I'm 120.x, maintaining a week or two in a row... I want to be able to deal. not with gaining though.

Anyway, rewarding past achievements is lame... so no rewards until 124.9 or less. I'm thinking...

124.9 - A Gloomy bear T-Shirt
120.9 - Eye Lash extensions or a super cool manicure
114.9 - If before New Years (not my goal, but it would be possible) - Can take advantage of one of the super sale bags that is available during this time of the year where I am moving.  (usually you get like $500 of product for 100 or so...)

Of course... I write this all right after a 500c binge. FATFATFATTY. ugh.


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