8/08/2012 12:43:00 AM


Tomorrow I go into a nearby city to get my visa for my upcoming move. I cannot wait...

  • I also have to weigh in...
  • run/do weight lifting before I go...
  • Get some meat ready for making into jerky!
  • Measure out at least one veggie bag (for the day)
  • make sure to bring something for a friend of mine in the city who I will meet after my appointment at the visa office (we are meeting specifically to make this trade)
  • hopefully find out a cheaper way to ship shit to my new home... right now I'm looking at between 500-1000 US and that's just not an amount I readily have.

What else... Oh, so... I speak the language of the country I am going to (somewhat... not perfect). I found a diet blogging community (not EDed) they have... and have started posting there. Kinda fun to write about (some of) this sort of stuff in another language!

Guess I should sleep. Busy busy day!

p.s. joining this challenge on another blog. Hoping that linking it might drive more relevant traffic my way :3 She has 400+ followers (JEALOUS) I'd love to be worth following to that many people. Then again, she's tiny and I'm not. (About to find out actually I guess... this is an update just before my weigh in!)


Tatyana said...

I'm in that challenge too ^^ Piggy is awesome.

I hope you can fins another way to ship your stuff cuz that just way too expensive in my taste too. Good luck for your new life, I'm also exited for the same reason... and you know it's kinda funny to communicate with foreign language. I do it right now and have been doing it for years... things just sounds better in any language but mine (Finnish).

Stay positive! <3

tobf said...

I only started reading her journal very recently (like... last two weeks?) She seems quite incredible though. Very inspirational. Also it's nice to see a blog getting so many hits... kinda reminds of of Dying To Be Thin's Ana Redzig (probably spelling that wrong...)

Yeah... the shipping thing makes me want to take a knife lol. idk if I feel that things sound better in the other language I use... generally they are more ambiguous. English is such a literal language... you say EVERYTHING. The other I use leaves a lot implied.

Thanks for the encouragement. Will try... just kinda gutted about the weird readout on my scale. If I can't trust it, what can I trust?!

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