8/02/2012 02:48:00 AM

August 1st Update

-2.9, but only -1.1 from fat since last weigh in. All things considered this is probably something I should be happy about. Fucking vacation binge.

Fat attack started today! Two major things changed to make me say that.

1. Today marks the first of a 7 day protein fast. 500c in =] all as liquid protein drinks. I was going to allow 600c... but I think 500 sounds good, so I'll stick with that.

2. Changed my running up a bit. New interval pattern = 3mph 4mph 5mph 6mph 5mph 4mph (1min each, x7). My aim is to be doing a 5k in 40 min by the end of the month... and in 33min by the end of September.... though I may change that... BECAUSE

My future classmates (starting grad school this September... ABROAD CANNOT FKN WAIT) have suggested that we do a marathon together... We have about 6 months to train (it would be sometime in February...)  I wonder if that's enough time ;( Anyway, I have about a month to decide, so I'll base my descision on how the next 3 weeks of intervals goes, and how quickly I am able to increase the 6mph duration... Basically... I think I'd want that to be the majority of my pace for the run so that I could finish it in <5 hrs. (I edited this b/c I'M a RETARD and thought marathons were 25km not 26.whatever MILES sorry...). anyway, a <5 hr marathon would be quite an accomplishment since atm I can only manage a 42min 3.11miles lol. IDK, are any of you runners? is 6 months enough time... hmmm, I may have to ask my fitocracy friends :3

So... what else. July was ok, I guess. -9.9 lbs, -7.5 from fat. If I can duplicate those results I'll be able to cross of all but 2 (perhaps... maybe 1...) of my short-term goals, for-which the deadline is before september in my mind... though I guess as long as it's before the end of september I can be 'ok' with it.

I can't remember if I wrote the timeline I'd like to see out or not but... basically... If I can be <132.0 and <18% BF before Sept. I'll be happy. Repeating the loss I had this month would put me at 128.8 and 19.1% BF...

<122 (<18.5) is my GW for New Years Eve 2013. Assuming (large assumption) I do repeat last months results this month... that would mean I'd only have to lose 7 lbs in 3 months. That's quite slow for me actually... I'm fast to gain and fast to lose... BUT, I think it's a good thing. I'd like to accomplish that rate... BECAUSE, I really hate the cold heavy duty restriction causes... so losing slowly during the cooler months suits me just fine, so long as I still lose.

I've already started dreaming up calorie limits and deficit goals and stuff... when what calories will be consumed etc... but it's premature to speak of such things just yet. Let's get the short-term goals taken care of first silly girl... then the future plotting may begin.

Also Cammie, Thank you for the comment. I <3 <3 <3 getting them xo


tobf said...

god I cannot believe what a retard I am. for the 5 of you who read this before my edit on the marathon bit... I'm so sorry D: lol...

Flawed Design said...

Congratulations on the 9.9lbs off!! Well done honey thats really great! I am super jealous :) I'm sure you will be where you want to be in no time at all :). I hope I can make my deadline of septemeber as well :) Your inspirational dear :) xXx Btw, I am trying to get into running as well but not to successful atm XD I cant keep continual running for long I have to have short periods of walking. I think 6 months is a realistic amount of time to train for a marathon as long as you are running 4 times a week from this point on building up your endurance xXx

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