8/03/2012 05:51:00 AM

Random (unweightloss related!!!) thoughts

A little whimsical thinspo for ya'll since at least something has to be pretty/relevant to the blog in this post eh?

Changed comments so that they have to be approved to be posted on the site. This isn't b/c I really mind if someone offensive is said to me. I will probably still post it so long as it is at least slightly intelligent. It is b/c that way, if you want to say something just to me, but not to the world you can. Just let me know if you DONT want me to publish it publicly, mkay?

And... idk, I'm weird and actually look at the stats for the hits i get on a nearly daily basis. Today, one of the search terms that brought someone to the blog was "I'm fasting, should I take potassium?" Made me smile for some reason =] Just in case that person comes back... The answer is if it's an extended fast and you're still being active, you probably should. If it's short and you're not sweating a lot, you probably don't NEED to, but it still wouldn't hurt as long as you space it out.

It's nice to think that maybe there is SOME actually helpful (rather than harmful) information to be found here... anyway... Peace Out lovelies. Gonna try to sleep another hour before exercising.

(Note: couldn't get back to sleep so added this...) Oh. Also... if you are in the US and have the opportunity to do so... Please participate in kiss more chicks day! I am not a lesbian... but the national 'chick filet day' made me want to vomit... and not b/c their food is FUCKING DISGUSTING. The sad thing is I think most of the people I saw participating in it probably didn't even know what the real issue was... though who can blame them, lots of news reports on the topic are failing to cover the whole story. It isn't just that Cathy has bigoted thoughts... if that was all it was, then whatever. I'd actually be all for the gesture on Wednesday if it were truly about freedom of thought and speech, even if it's protecting the freedom to have really dumb opinions... but it isn't just about that. Cathy has donated MILLIONS of dollars to anti-LGBT rights groups.

at least the LA times had the decency to point to this report... (a few others did too... but this was the most unbiased source I could find that actually pointed to the donation issue...)

I've posted about similar things before... (Gold's Gym specifically)  and well... in summary here's my thought on the matter of personal freedom... you are free to do whatever you please and think whatever you want so long as it doesn't infringe on another person's freedom to do the same goddamned thing. i.e. you want to be a bigot and bitch about traditional family values - fine. You want to use your money and influence to block another person's civil rights... NOT OK.

Two things I'd like to ask those who believe in the anti-gay marriage movement... they are kinda related but...

1. How does it hurt you/your faith if someone else does something that contradicts it?
2. Is forcing someone to do the 'biblically correct' thing really moral/right in gods eyes? Aren't we supposed to be BEYOND the age of law? I thought the whole POINT of Christ's coming and going and coming again was to eradicate the law, and make religion/holiness accessible on the INDIVIDUAL level. if you take away the choice to do what is 'right', does that really count?

btw... Comparative Religion was one of my majors... So I'm not just talking out of my ass here...

/rant off.


Flawed Design said...

Oh wow, its very interesting the whole gay marriage thing. I am all for it to be honest.

I am actually going to a gay marriage at the end of august. My uncles are FINALLY getting married. I say Finally as they have been together since they where 18 years old. They are now almost 70. This means they have been together for longer than most married couples, they have lived together all this time and remained HAPPY!...They are inspirational and really shows what true love really is...

The sad thing is...they still feel like they are being judged. They are coming down south to get married as they don't want coworkers ect to know about the marriage. One of them has worked for the same employer for 40 years and they have assumed he has a shy wife. What makes me even sadder is the fact they are only getting married because of their age...they dont need to get married to prove anything, the fact that they love each other can be seen by their commitment over their entire lives. They are getting married because they are getting older and if one passes away they will have to pay alot of inheritance if they are not married... :(

I am defiantly all for Gay marriage :)

xXx thought id share that lil story :)

Patti said...

w00t!!! this post made me very happy! I've just recently discovered one of my oldest friends is involved with this lot who are very right-wing religious wingnuts, and I'm completely gobsmacked that she's taken on that sort of mind-set, especially considering we were both so involved in progressive politics way back in our college days. I think you younger generation have your heads screwed on better than mine did. The sooner you lot are running the world, the better [you certainly couldn't do any worse :D ] {patti}

tobf said...

Well, that reminds me of the saying "If you're young and a republican you're heartless, but if you're old and a democrat you're stupid."

I don't really believe that btw! But I do think that people often get at least a bit more conservative as they age. Still to do a 180 is rather extreme. IDK that my generation is any better than any of those that have come before us... I feel many of us are apathetic and disconnected... but it only takes a few I guess. Hopefully we will do the job you expect us to =]

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