4/28/2014 12:06:00 PM

Cycle 4/Weekly Weigh In

Comments: I responded in the comment thread on the post you two lovely ladies commented on, just wanted to say thank you for visiting. It really does feel nice =] Will catch up on your blogs tomorrow night. I have to wake up early and it's already 1am so better get off asap... just want to get this posted.

Start Weight: 143.00 
End Weight: 140.91

Yeah... idk why but major gain after my last week's weigh in. Doesn't make sense really... I guess it was just a water gain from after the laxative use. *sigh* anyway, at least there was a lose again, but it isn't at the same level that it was (63.85 kg, 140.47 lb) 2 days after laxatives... so kinda disappointing. Oh well. Depending on tomorrow and the day after I *Might* be in the 130s on May 1st. That would be lovely. Not looking forward to tomorrows weighin... although I did fast successfully, I also had a whole pack of gum (8 sticks, 16g xylitol) which means I will probably retain water. Hoping that it might make me poo though... would be nice. haven't gone now in 8 days. 

If nothing happens tomorrow I, considering it is an 800 day and I will have very little control over what it is that is cooked/available and really no reliable way to count... (BBQ where I cannot bring my own food without setting off alarms), I may take 1 laxative (dosage for 15+ is 2-3 pills) in hopes that it will get things moving without being majorly disgusting... not sure - would like to crap before May 1st and all, ya know. 

Cycle four ended today, which is why I am posting late night. (really 1am Tuesday rather than morning of Monday) Also, idk why but I kinda thought today was Sunday for some reason lol... 

Today was a close call for managing my fast.... but I did. I had originally planned to have today be 400 but couldn't remember why... well, it was because I had a planned outing with a friend. Anyway, we didn't meet until around dinner time, and before we did I said i would cook something at home so we wouldn't need to bother finding a place that was safe for me (Gluten, yay... such a useful excuse). Exercise was also a close call. I had to jog for 30min to get the calorie burn I needed. But, I did it. Yay for me. 

Here's the summary. Also, expecting to make a rather big post on Friday this week, or maybe Saturday... Just to let you know. Lots of stuff up in the air atm, but should have clarity by then - enough so to share as much as I can without risking being identified should anyone I know ever find this blog.

Plan (in)
Actual (in)
Plan (Out)
Actual (out) 


Bella said...

8 days?! Omg, that sounds awful :( This is where laxatives really really suck. Do you take fiber supplements at all? I use a dissolvable fiber in my morning coffee, usually 15-20g or so. I've been taking it for maybe three years now, after coming off laxatives and crazy amounts of sugar alcohols, and I'm probably the most regular anorexic around :P There's no tolerance or dependence effects like there are with laxatives, and our bodies are amazing at adjusting to higher/lower fiber intakes. If I go two days without, I'm reaching for the laxatives on day three.


Patti said...

"YAY!!! She's BAAAACK!" This was what I was thinking when I checked last night to see if you returned to your blog -- I've been checking every few weeks since the last post just before your long break, and I've been wondering how you were doing, and worried because I know what happens when a person stops keeping track of their food and exercise. Most people don't get back on the wagon until they've gained back ALL the weight and sometimes even more, so don't beat yourself up too much; at least you are back working on it again. [I'm also saying this myself; I've gone off for for a while myself and gained back about a third of my lost weight] Greatly looking forward to your future posts. Your blog has helped me a LOT!

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