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Bella - Thank you very much for the comment. I hope you are feeling better.

I washed my food scales yesterday, and apparently... they are waterlogged. So this morning I spent 30 minutes franticly searching for the set my roommate has. She never uses them, and I knew they were somewhere in the bedroom I am using, but that was the problem. Somewhere. I started crying, because I really don't have money to spend on this kind of thing right now. I have another set of my own in the other country I'm living in so it isn't as if I can't survive when I go back there if the ones here don't work once they dry out (please lord, let them work tomorrow). Negative self-talk, even a raised voice at myself for a while... yeah I'm going crazy but what can I say - It was very very upsetting. Fortunately my roommate was not here to witness it. IDK what I would have done had she been here.

I had already measured out everything I've planned for lunch, so I was considering having that for breakfast and either skipping my planned breakfast (-200ish cal to plan) as punishment for fucking up (actually I also thought about not having anything at all as a punishment), or having it for dessert at dinner time. I cannot wait until I have my own kitchen again. I will simply measure out everything a week in advanced... EVERYTHING. it will be wonderful.

This post's title is also appropriate because yesterday I spent the whole day basically "pee-pooping" - a term that those who have done the Master Cleanse, and I'm sure many individuals with eating disorders can appreciate. Within 30-45 min of any glass of something to drink, I invariably would need to go to the bathroom, and barely any liquid passed through my kidneys. Thank you laxatives... well - I hadn't had a BM in over a week... I think it was justified. Hell, my stomach was actually pushed out by all the waste in in GI... so gross, I know. I'm sorry.

Cycle two of 02468 went without a hitch. Here's the summary:

M T W T F Average:
Plan (in)
Actual (in)
Plan (Out)
Actual (out) 

Calories that I have had but didn't count include SF gum and tea/coffee which I have sweetened with 1.25c worth of sugar alcohols. I should be counting them... but just can't be assed right now. ED doesn't require it (though the -30 on Sunday was planned to accommodate the gum I had that day... so I guess I am counting it, a bit).

Wednesday weight: 145.42
Saturday Weight: 143.88 (which was 0 change from the day before, due to laxatives not having kicked in 100%)

1.54 in 5 days. Not bad I guess, but not what would be expected. Today I was 142.12... so I'm guessing maybe 142.5 yesterday would have been realistic if not for the massive backup. 1.9-2lb, given my average deficit of 2000 (a bit more than that... but whatever) would be more mathematically correct (-2000x5=10,000... 10,000/3,500 = 2.85 actually is what math would expect 100%....) hoping that the slowdown this week is not repeated next... if so, it is very possible that by May 1st, I will be in next BMI point range, which would be swell. I'm already 'ahead of schedule', but that really would be a fantastic way to start the month... being in 20.x range again - which would mean I would certainly be in 19.x range before the end of the month. I'm going to two ballets next month... it would be nice to be 19.x BMI for both - though it is a bit of a stretch for the first.

What else... I had to change the order of cycle 3 a little because I was out of eggs, and I also have a rather important appointment on tuesday and don't want to be in fast stupor... (it was originally my 0 day) so... it is now 46820 instead of 64802. I'm ok with this - I would rather have not changed anything but well... it doesn't change the daily average so it's ok.

Friday has turned into a social event, but I think I can manage not to eat during it. Just in case I will skip breakfast so I can have a salad and some fish if I need to. It's planned at 600, so that would leave me 400 to work with. Saturday is a BBQ... I am on the food prep team, and gluten intolerance is an issue... so considering making a foil pack or two for myself at home before I go and just bringing it with me. Then there will be no guesswork. What to do what to do.

Ok... that's it (i've added stuff to this twice after publishing lol...) I want to get out of the house before roommate returns, which is at any minute, so I can get in 3 + hrs of walking without her knowing how long I've been away and also pick up a few things I couldn't find during yesterdays shopping trip for her home.

To readers who do not use laxatives, but think they might be helpful in weightloss, please read the following: Laxatives are not an effective way to purge calories, so don't take them for any purpose other than they are intended. The majority of their impact is on the lower-intestine. By the time food is there, the calories have already been absorbed... so yeah, really not helpful in calorie reduction.

Laxative abuse is a very serious problem. It really messes up your GI and hydration/electrolyte levels. I never take them unless I'm really constipated, and I strongly encourage anyone to follow that rule. Hell, even in such cases I will often try to simply load up on veggies for a few days to get things moving again... I just can't right now, because I'm following such a strict plan... Anyway, just don't do that to yourself. It's 100% not worth it - the only weight you lose is water and poop...


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