4/20/2014 10:33:00 PM
Week 3 - April

Last Monday: 145.42
This Monday: 140.47
Loss: 4.95
% BW: 3.4%

Happy about the significant change. Unhappy that the math doesn't add up... However, I was already fairly full of waste by that time so maybe that's why. The way things are looking now, this month will be 2 BMI points down. That definitely makes me happy.

Also, I am going to two ballets next month, and should be able to be in 19.x BMI range for both. That also makes me very happy. So... overall, a good week. I mean, hey... the happiness from the scale is lasting more than just a few minutes for a change. Can't complain there.

Today is an 800 day. Had pretty bad leg cramps in the early morning so thinking I'll allocate 60c or so of it to coconut water in an attempt to get potassium up. It will come out of the calories for protein shake I usually allow. Probably won't try to make up the other 40.


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