4/13/2014 08:52:00 PM

A new scale, a bad week, and I guess a little satisfaction.

SW(Week): 149.7
EW(Week): 145.4
Loss(Week): 4.3 (-2.8% body weight)

Cycle 1 finished successfully. Well... I feel it was anyway. Here's the summary (remember 02468 started Wednesday, not Monday, which is when weight-loss week begins)

Plan (in)
Actual (in)
Plan (Out)
Actual (out) 

So... Friday I was under calories significantly (good?) but also under exercise target significantly. I busted my ass to make up the 376 missed burn by midnight Sunday, and managed. Yay. And for the calorie intake.... idk, I guess less is always better, but part of a calorie cycling plan like this (for me) is exhibiting perfect control by actually being really close to the targets, but I ate out that night, and had planned 2 drinks (only had one) which according to some sources as 90c each (others state 50... went with the higher number) so... yeah, ended up quite under. Anyway, here's hoping for another good cycle this Cycle is:

M: 200
T: 600
W: 400
T: 0
F: 800

Currently no plans to go out this Friday, but that might change. There is a potentially valuable networking opportunity. Still, wouldn't have to eat there, and can just drink tea or water... so I plan on cooking everything that day. It is the only thing that will change for my menu this week. The plan is:

not bad, I think. Still under 50g carb with nearly 20g fiber. yay for that. I won't have the shake until after the mixer so that if I want 1 drink I can have it... but really, what's the point of just one drink?

In other news... When I arrived at my friends house, which is where I'm keeping all my stuff this year, my scales were no where to be found... my beautiful, expensive, WIFI enabled BF% measuring scales. gone. I was gutted, and had a minor panic attack. Enough that I even asked her if she had seen them (saying that I was looking for the box they were in for spring clothing but I couldn't remember it's contents except for the scales... lol). Nope... They have to be here somewhere, I certainly wouldn't have left them behind... but idk, maybe I brought them with me to the other country I am staying in this year. I don't think so... but I guess it's possible. 

Anyway, I couldn't deal with the idea of being without a set for a month.... I also couldn't get a set that she could easily see, so I had to find some really small ones. Happily, where I am now, small good scales are in ample supply. So I walked to the nearest shopping area (about 30-45min each way - yay for calorie burn!) and got a set that is about the size of a netbook... here's a picture:

I realize you can't tell, but it is 8.75x7.5 inches. So... I put it away in my pants drawer every day after using it... and I will easily be able to bring it with me wherever I go from now on. It measures BF% (thus the silver plates that shape the color like an hour glass figure lol...), is accurate within 50g (+- 100g error apparently... but accurate within itself which is good enough - all scales have an error range), and even tells you how many calories in theory you could eat based on age, gender, height, BF% and weight. I might use this feature (-500 maybe to be safe) as a guideline for how to maintain when I get to a 'happy' weight. Anyway, except for the fact that they don't track my progress for me online, i really like them - and they were only $30 (US) (on sale 40 something % off)!

So... new scale, significant loss... why a bad week? well, some of my job prospects fell through. That really did me in - I had an anxiety attack on Thursday and have been feeling useless since I got the news late Wednesday. Every loss I had since then, I didn't believe... I thought it must just be water and that I would regain it all + some the next day... but each day I went down, and well, you can see the results. basically 2/3 a BMI point in a week. It's more than I should have lost mathematically but here's hoping I continue at a rate of 3+ a week... if so I'll reach a new LW late May or early June, even slowing down to 2.x a week when I return to the other place.

*sigh* I have a ton of work to do, due tomorrow but have barely made a dent because I had so much exercise to make up. Happily I woke up quite early today so once this is posted I will walk for 2 hrs (need about 3 a day to get my target) and then come back and make a significant dent in the work before going out with my roommate to a second hand store for some stuff she needs (the other hour)... and then finish the work. 

I was supposed to meet someone for a brief interview (not job related) today, but will have to reschedule I think. It's ok, I told them last night that was a possibility. alright... time to really get this day started.


Bella said...

Congrats! It sounds like you had a really good week food/weight-wise. I'm the same when it comes to alcohol - I don't see the point in just having one drink. I've always been the "lets drink until we can't feel feeling anymore" type, though I'm trying to learn how to appreciate wine in smaller quantities.
Aww, those scales you lost sounded really cool. The new ones are really neat though! I've never seen any so tiny.
I'm sorry to hear you've had a tough week looking for work. Keep holding in there, you'll find one :)
Hope you're having a lovely week <3 xx

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