3/16/2014 05:20:00 PM

Having a goal and achieving it aren't the same thing :p

Well.. wanted to drop .5bmi, and it looked like I made it for a few days, but either waste or water has accumulated in such a way that I am .4kg short of that landmark. Ah well... maybe next week?

At least I hit 23.xx BMI this week =] Even at this rate I'll be down another BMI point before a pretty important event, which makes me happy... Of course, being <150 instead of just at it for that event would be far better...

Have the opportunity to go to two ballet performances for very cheap... Looking forward to it. It'll be in about two months, and again, if I continue to lose at the rate I planned to (~1kg a week) I will be in 130s by that time... not thin, but not pudgy anymore either. It will be a suitable reward I guess. of course if I actually pull off the .5bmi per week thing, I'd be in the 120s by that time which would be way better. Then I would definitely be back into size 2s if not 0s... Things to look forward too.. and to motivate! Anyway

Week 2 Results:
SW: 72.5 kg               159.50 lb              24.22 BMI
EW: 71.4 kg               157.08 lb              23.86 BMI 
Loss:   1.1kg                2.42 lb                     .37 BMI

Here's hoping for 23.36 by next week! Minimum goal = 23.51. 

Time to do pilates!


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