3/08/2014 05:22:00 PM

Plan # 1000

It really does feel like this is the millionth time I'm starting over. Ah well. Here's the plan:

Tuesdays = the first day of each week... because that was the first day I weighed myself again in ages. Currently I am weighing every day, a practice I never used before, because daily water weight fluctuations are maddening (case and point... -.7kg today, which is impossible, especially considering two days ago it was -.9 kg... first week's water weight loss (up to 10 lbs right?)), but I really don't care this time. Discipline and ritual are required. Also, my exit plan has a lot to do with daily weight... so better to get into the habit now rather than later.

From now until <130 (19.7 BMI, enough that 1 mistake ought not bring me back to 20s), aim is to lose 1kg a week at least. Actually that isn't so fast, only 10% over the 'max' healthy rate, and I expect to lose more than that... but I don't have complete control over food at the moment, so I'm setting that pace as my expectation so as not to set myself up for failure.

Once < 130, I will gradually add 100c to my daily intake, increasing 1 week at a time. The idea is to slow the loss down to .7kg a week until <125... which actually may not happen since it ought only to take 5 weeks to get there at the 1kg rate, and as I said I should be exceeding that, but at least it will be in the right direction.

<125.5 will be a new LW btw... very excited for that.

Once <125, continue to increase calorie intake by 100c a day each week, and reduce walking time to 1hr a day of planned walking (should be doing at least another hour of incidental due to commute). Try to get loss down to .3~.5kg per week.

Continue until 52KG (114.4lb), 17.4 BMI. Officially ana. I want to to stay there for at least a week... maybe a month, but I am scared to lose much more than that... I'll continue upping calories until basically I stop losing... That is my hope anyway.

Once I feel I've been 'ana' long enough to prove it wasn't by chance... the new rule will be: If <52kg, can eat whatever I want in reasonable portions. Sugar is ok, desert after dinner is ok, a full serving of rice is ok... etc. If >55KG must restrict heavily until <54kg again. Between 52~54, the aim is to have a healthy meal plan of 1,200~1,500 (depending on which bound I am closer too) made up of mostly veg and protein, with a 100c serving of grain, and 100g serving of fruit allowed. 1 small serving of full-fat dairy, nuts or seeds also allowed at these times. No processed sugar.

And that's it... hovering between 52-55kg, I will always be underweight, but not be Ana.. and that seems like perfect control to me, if I can pull it off... let's see!


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