1/30/2012 07:55:00 PM

Aleksandra Wydrych

Someone in the community I frequent found these, and made a thread called "TOBF's favorite" (TOBF = my un on the forums in case you didn't see the connection with the title of the blog). If I ever meet this girl (the one on the forums) irl, I will do something wonderful for her in gratitude. I'm not sure what lol... maybe bring her some nice things from Japan as I have friends there and she loves the culture... Anyway... It's been a while, and the model needs more exposure because she truly is perfect in every way.

I have over 100 images of her... so here is just a spattering of them. All red haired, though there are some where she is blond or dark haired as well.


Joe Lake said...

Oh dam she is amazing ! Rain rain rain never go away!

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